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EYEWEAR G1 Bluetooth bone conduction Sunglasses

EYEWEAR G1 Bluetooth bone conduction Sunglasses


BONE CONDUCTION Sunglasses with built-in speakers. You connect to your smartphone with the Bluetooth 5.0 system to listen to your favorite music or simply to talk on the phone. Signal remains strong and stable even at a distance of 15 meters away from the device. Ideal for SPORT – jogging, cycling, skiing or prolonged driving.

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Bone Conduction Bluetooth SunGlasses | Answer the phone | Listen to the music | Give commands to Siri. YOU ARE NOT ISOLATED because your ears are free. Perfect for jogging or cycling

  • DESIGN Not only a beautiful fashionable eyewear but also a comfortable Bluetooth bone conduction headset device. It is the best solution for those who play sports or drive for long periods and do not want to be isolated as was the case with the use of headphones
  • QUALITY Made of high quality, sturdy and fashionable materials. It remains easy and comfortable to wear and recharge. Also fits the PRESCRIPTION LENSES. Basically our bone conduction eyewear – BONE CONDUCTION comes with a premium quality UV400 polarized sunglass lens
  • EASY Listen to your music simultaneously while talking to friends. Put it on or take it off in seconds like any other glasses. Easy to use, safe and well made, it can be worn safely even on rainy days
  • COMPATIBILITY It supports ALL Apple, LG, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia and other devices with the Android system, it can also be connected to the PC
  • GIFT IDEA It is a perfect gift for your family, friends or yourself. It has a beautiful package in which you will find all the essential accessories for the correct use of the device


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